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    NX3 3D Flight Controller Gyroscope Balance For Fixed-wing Aircraft


    Voltage Range: 5-6V DC.
    Dimensions: 40mm x 25mm.
    Weight: 6.5g.

    1.Four Model Types supported: single aileron, dual ailerons , flapperons, delta and vtail.
    2.Three Flight Modes supported:
     a. Rate Mode ,Rate Mode for offset correction.
     b. Hold Mode ,HOLD mode for attitude hold
     c. Gyro Off Mode,transsmiter control the plane directly.
    3.Two kinds of Gain Control Method supported:Master Gain from the radio, Independent Axis Gain from the Variable resistor on the Controller board.
    4.Using superior algorithm, Bring a more comfortable and more sensitive sense of control .

    The Controller has to re-learn center position after installation,or replacing a new radio system, or making a trimming(or Sub-Trim)change within the transmitter, otherwise the servos may move to one side automatically when switching to hold mode.To do this,just quickly flip the flight mode switch twice between rate mode and hold mode within 1 second!

    Status LED Description:
    LED OFF: NX3 in Gyro Off Mode.
    LED ON: NX3 in Rate Mode.
    LED flash: NX3 in Hold Mode.



    Step 1:Mounting
    The board need to be firmly mounted near the center of the gravity of the plane by using the double-tape provide.Please make sure the longer side of the board is along with the heading direction.After mounting ,please check again if the board is attached firmly in the plane.

    Step 2:Model Type Selection
    The DIP switches set the WING mode,Please match the type of your aircraft with Normal Airplane(single aileorn),Normal Airplane(dual aileron for flapperon), Delta-wing (Flywing-wing)and V-tail according the pictures 1 to 4. if you change any DIP switch settings, power cycle the device to enable the new setting to take effect.

    Step 3:Wiring
    Please connect the control board and the radio receiver using wires provide according the pictures 1 to 4.Pay attention to the color  of  wires to avoid anti-plug.


    Step 4:Switch and Master Gain Channel Configure
    Assign a 3-pos switch to the channel which connected the pins”IN-4”(AUX-IN) for switching the flight mode in flight.When use a 2-pos swtich,you can only switch between Rate Mode and Hold Mode,So you can not switch to Gyro Off Mode.It will be set to Rate Mode by default if switch channel is not connected to the board.  If your transsmiter has Travl Adjust Function(End Point Adjust Function),you can change the switch channel’s End Point to change Master Gain.

    Step 5:Gyro direction and Gyro Gain configure
    Befor flight, you have to verfy that the gyro compensation direction is OK, otherwise, it could lead to losing control or even crash during the flight!the VR gain POTs on the NX3 control the correction gain and direction for each of the pitch (ELE), roll (AIL) and yaw (RUD) axis.
    5 o'clock = max gain in one direction
    12 o'clock = zero gain
    7 o'clock = max gain in opposite direction


    Step 6: re-learn center position
    Quickly flip the flight mode switch twice between rate mode and hold mode within 1 second!

    Packing Includes:
    1 x NX3 Flight Controller board
    1 x NX3 manual  
    5 x wires
    1 x double-side tape.

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