N3 Mini OSD for DJI Flight Controller

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    N3 Features : 

    Available to display flight attitude, throttle level, flight mode and remote control signal (receiver should support RSSI).

    Easy to directly read out the total data including gyro, barometer, electronic compass and etc. from bus data of NAZA.

    Same port with DJI Phantom MINI IOSD

    NAZA special OSD, no need PC parameter adjust

    Support NAZA GPS, read NAZA Compass and GPS data, could direct return direction in air

    Barometer, more precision height indication

    Three page selectable: Chinese/DJI-type IOSD/Self-definition

    Power supply from NAZA flight contontroller



    N3: Naza V2(support CAN port with PMU),

    Phantom 2(support CAN port with PMU)


    Package Included : 

    1 x Naze OSD

    1 x Cable