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    Everyone has the DIY talent in life which is not only satisfying but also gets the job done efficiently. This full size heavy duty glue gun will give you a comfortable feel in your hand making it your favorite tool to use. Great controlled trigger allows the sticks move forward on its own to get your one hand free.


    Perfect Glue Gun

     You can get a thinner and cooler slow running hot glue stream for a fine handwork, such as placing beads.


    Efficient in Working

    Metal pointed nozzle gives you continuous and fully melted glue at your desired working area. Smart temperature control which prevents overheating to get a protection.


    Smart Structure

    Stable stand on the glue gun allows you put aside and pick it up safely anytime anywhere. The smooth trigger makes your work free of mess and super easy.


    Package Includes:

    1 x 40W GLUE GUN

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